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Did you ever hear the story of Tonni 3000, the Hard Trance Legend appearing in clubs and secret raves serving his ever so striking mixing skills to whomever might be willing to listen? Danish/Hungarian producer and DJ, Tonni 3000 has a true love and passion for euphoric trance music. For the past years he has been touring in Europe, spreading his vision of trance, always leaving a strong and unique impression along the way. Staying true to his Scandinavian roots and the legacy trance music as in his native area, he combines tradition and innovation to create his own vision – in order to keep the sound evolving but staying true to its origin. Tonni 3000 is also the founding member alongside DJ Reiz, of the French label Union Trance Mission that has gotten a lot of attention over the past two years with their impressive number of releases and high quality to go along with it. With a promising future ahead Tonni 3000 is definitely one of the artist to watch out this year, always surprising and lifting his crowd up to a next level.

Did you ever hear the story of Tonni 3000 the Savage? Yeah, we didn’t think so. It’s not the kind of story the ordinary ravers would tell you. It’s a Hard Trance legend. Tonni 3000 was the favourite DJ of the Danish biker community, so powerful and so skilled he could use his records to create life on any dance floor. The co-founder of Union Trance Mission had such knowledge of the dark, fast, yet melodic sides of electronic music that he could even keep the ones he cared about from falling asleep for days!

He could actually save people from sleep, you ask? Well, the dark side of electronic music is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural… What happened to Tonni? Well, living his best life between guns, motorbikes, tribal tattoos, hammering up-tempo basslines and a shitload of stardust eventually took its toll and he just vanished in the cold of the Danish dawn… Though it is said, that from time to time on dark and lonely nights, you might spot this savage legend suddenly appearing in clubs and on secret raves across the continent, serving his ever so striking mixing skills to whomever might be willing to listen. So hold your eyes and ears open, for you’ll never know if the Ghost Rider of Hard Trance might not be coming for you next…


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