Meet the MEAT MARKET daddy, mastermind behind the infamous Vienna party series: Gerald VDH. The Austrian techno heavyweight started his musical journey over a decade ago, and there is no end in sight. While his musical roots lie within the worlds of hardcore, punk and metal, his DJ sets are characterised by a well-balanced selection of different electronic genres – keeping the dancefloor busy, that’s the mission. And this mission is accomplished in every booth he sets foot in: Institut für Zukunft, MMA (R.I.P.), Grelle Forelle, and, of course, Berghain, to name a few. By launching his own imprint MEAT RECORDINGS in 2017, the musical universe and vision he has created expanded. Since then, 16 releases with uncompromising, heavy yet thoughtful techno have seen the light of day so far. As his MEAT MARKET parties are deeply rooted in the LGBTQI+ community, Gerald VDH seems like one of those tireless activists, who connects the techno and queer scene even more than they always have been. A true raver by nature!

Straight. Forward. Fierce. Right out of the heart of Russia’s greatest urban pearl that is Moscow, hails a rising talent right on track towards musical greatness. Inox Traxx is the moniker this young DJ and producing prodigy goes by, and let it be known – she’s an absolute keeper. To put her artistic approach to electronic music or her musical style in words, one could wander around dictionaries trying to sum up all those feelings she is capable of evoking once in her element, be it in the studio or in the DJ booth, but to shorten the effort let’s just cut to the chase and call it by its name: Techno. Her perspective on electronic music is one of the clearest and most straightforward there is in the business right now. No playing around, no beating about the bush, no unnecessary bells and whistles. To put it in Hard Wax’s words: “Flawless, highly effective, pure Techno”. Her skills as a DJ stand as one pillar of her artistic craftsmanship. Mind-blowing in selection, flawless in execution, unmatched in her fine sense for the needs of the crowd. The same fine sense she also demonstrates with her output as a producer. The second pillar of the oeuvre she’s just beginning to build up. From her debut 12” on Overbalance in 2019 to her alluring “House of Wax” EP on Ben Sims’ renowned talent factory, Symbolism, Inox Traxx has already proven her standing as an exceptional producing talent, and there is not a shred of doubt that this is only the beginning.


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